The results are out, the winner is declared, and the battle for Lahore-III is over, at least for the moment. It has been a journey nonetheless. Explosive campaigns filled with rhetorical statements; the ouster of an elected prime minister is an insult to the people’s mandate, Jinnah wanted a secular Pakistan, we will make sure that an Islamic statement of government is introduced, free medical treatment for those providing blood samples, were the highlights of the road to NA-120 by-polls.

It all began after the ouster of an elected prime minister by a five-member bench of the Supreme Court over undeclared income from his son’s company. A new government was set up to ensure democratic norms remain unscathed. Portfolios were changed, some expressed anger, while others became foreign ministers. A few left for London.

Then came the election day. The electoral commission had requested Army’s presence to ensure a smooth voting process (one cannot simply argue with boys in brown). Thousands lined outside 220 polling stations set up across the provincial capital of Punjab. Many turned in to vote, few were turned out as the time had expired.

For the stats, the total number of voters, according to the ECP, was 321,786. Male voters made up 179,642 while the female number stood at 142,144. Thirty nine of the 220 (103 for men, 98 for women, and 19 for both) polling stations used biometric voting machines.

Voter turnout remained low as only 34 per cent of the registered voters took part in deciding the fate of their constituency. The rest might have been busy playing Ludo Star or eating traditional breakfast (Maryam had asked you guys to vote first).

Many had predicted a hot contest between Dr Yasmin Rashid of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Kulsoom Nawaz of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) which certainly lived up to the hype. From leading, to neck to neck, to her loss to Kulsoom, Yasmin managed to convince many of the masses. The gynecologist had contested the 2013 elections but lost to Nawaz Sharif by almost 40,000 votes. The difference had been substantially reduced this time.

To the victors, congratulations on the success! Now deliver because you are in power and people have some expectations from you. The party that has been enjoying the majority since 1985 should step up and carry out more development projects. NA-120 by-polls have been a close call between the PTI and PML-N.

Nothing lasts forever!