Perhaps he is having difficulty reconciling his new, uncertain position in the party, or maybe he is still in Interior Minister mode; but Chaudhry Nisar Ali can’t seem to stop giving press statements. Outside the halls of power the former Interior Minister is full of advice for his party – usually doled out in the form of criticisms against his fellow party members.

His most recent diatribe, Nisar targeted the Foreign Ministry – more specifically the Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif – for suggesting that Pakistan needed to act more forcibly against banned groups and that it needed to “put its house in order”. Both these statements by the Foreign Office are reasonable and measured ones, which almost no one in Pakistan would have qualms repeating. It is a fairly accurate thing to say that we are not completely in control of our terrorism problem. Which is what make Nisar’s statements all the more baffling.

His reasoning – that Pakistan and its armed forces have made countless sacrifices and hence should not be asked to do more – is not only faulty, it is blatantly and clearly contrived. Saying that Pakistan needs to “do more” does not nullify the sacrifices made by the people of this country in the past, it only says what it means; that we still have a long way to go. Nobody denies the gains made by the army in the restive tribal regions, and no one is belittling the deaths of Pakistani citizens and soldiers – in fact they are honoured by the government at every moment. Mr Nisar needs to understand, sacrifices earn you praise, but does to immune you to valid criticism.

What the former Interior Minister has done by telling the government to toe the military’s “the world must do more” line is to create a conflict out of thin air. Perhaps more importantly he has firmly positioned himself in the military’s corner. Considering his increasing isolation in the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) it is understandable if he wants to hedge his political bets – but he mustn’t do that by creating conflict where none exists.

He would be well advised to keeps his press conferences to a minimum, especially on this subject. His stint in the Interior Ministry certainly did not produce a stellar record against terrorism. In fact, the former Interior Minister was criticised heavily for being too close to banned groups during his tenure. His criticisms can backfire catastrophically.

Chaudhry Nisar is angry that Indian channels use the Foreign Ministry’s comments to vilify Pakistan. However, Pakistan saying that there are problems and vowing to do more does not embarrass it enough as the former Interior Minister’s worrying connections did.