Recently in an interview with BBC Urdu Service Imran Khan (IK) made a bizarre comment on the performance of his party government in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) which ruffled feathers of his supporters and testified claims of the opposition.

In the interview he confessed that for one long year after forming government in K-P his party ministers did not know what to do and what not to do. Furthermore, that his party leaders are against strong local government system in K-P and for this reason, local government could not take strong roots in K-P. He also thanked God for not bestowing his party the required majority in Parliament in 2013 election, as his party would not have been able to run federal government.

For political observers this confession is neither something strange nor revealing. Supporters of Imran Khan always offer two arguments in his support – firstly that he is a good cricketer and played well for Pakistan in 1992 world cup. The second argument is that he will help Pakistan in right manner because in his speeches he always supports rule of law, accountability for all and elimination of corruption from the country. From the beginning these two arguments are unjustifiable because cricket has nothing to do with politics. A good player is not by default a good politician as there is no correlation between cricket and politics. So, if Imran khan played well for his country and won world cup, this makes him only a good player but not a good politician. Before 2013 elections IK had claimed that he would improve accountability, eliminate corruption and strengthen rule of law etc. Recently Ayesha Gulalai claimed that Pervez Khattak and his provincial ministers are involved in corruption and every minister works for their own constituency rather than for overall province. The provincial anti-corruption departments are completely silent and cannot take any action against ministers. The KP ‘Ehtesab Commission’ is inactive and ineffective and never brought any major case to the ground. So Mr. Khan completely failed in KP and never brought any change for last four years. Imran khan is politically inept and temperamentally unfit for office. We should be thankful to him for the fair analysis of his party performance in KP and to God for keeping him from forming governments in center and other provinces.


Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, September 7.