LAHORE       -     The Specialised Healthcare and Medical Education secretary has issued a notification about shifting of administrative control of 848 posts, created through the Schedule of New Expenditure (SNE) for the Punjab Institute of Neuro-Sciences (PINS), Lahore, to the Executive Director PINS with an immediate effect. Earlier, principal Post-graduate Medical Institute/Ameer-Uddin Medical College/Lahore General Hospital Lahore and Medical Superintendent, Lahore General Hospital, Lahore, had the control of these posts. Now all employees working against these posts would report to the PINS Lahore executive director. These employees include grade 1 to 20 and their affairs of salaries, leaves and other activities would be controlled and administrated by the PINS ED. PINS Executive Director Prof Dr Khalid Mahmud said that financial independence had already been granted to the institution and now the issue of shifting of these 848 posts had also been resolved.