Kashmir “Heaven on Earth”. Heaven is the only place where you can wish what you want. But here on this planet Heaven is Hell.

Beyond from wishes Kashmir lacks basic human needs. When a normal person talks about basic need Food, water, Home comes in his mind But when a Kashmiri thinks of basic human needs “Independence” is the first thing that strikes his heart.

Since childhood we used to listen Kashmir with Brutality, Injustice, Cruelty, Strikes, Killings India and Pakistan.

In gossips when someone faces an unsolved problem people used to said “Masala-e-Kashmir”, “Kashmir Conflict”.

Everyone declares himself as an administrator of Kashmir But no one has courage to Free Kashmir. It’s a matter of dignity for administrators But actually it’s a matter of humanity.

By placing Red DPs Kashmir is not goanna to be free. We should support Kashmir as humans both as nationalists.

No one should call himself a supporter of Kashmir unless or until he have the courage to free humanity.