LAHORE-As much as celebrities deny it, nepotism does exist in every entertainment industry – be it Hollywood, Bollywood or Lollywood.

However, just because someone is born into a family of stars does not always guarantee an easy entry for them in the world of showbiz and Zara Noor Abbas is among those few celebrities who have managed to make it big on their own, despite the powerful entertainment families they belong to.

Zara is one such actor, who has earned a name for herself by her sheer hard work and perseverance.

In her recent appearance on ‘Say It All With Iffat Omar’ the host, Iffat Omar praised the actress saying, “your parents must be amazing for raising a daughter like you.”

Omar asked her about the family restrictions and Zara said, “My father is very strict because of his background, he was in the army and was from Multan” further adding, “I think the place you live in effects your thinking a lot.”

Sharing her father’s side of the story, Zara said, “people used to say to my father that Colonel Sahab you said your daughter will never work in this industry what happened now?”

When asked about her love-life, Zara stated “Asad Siddiqui and my love story was very unplanned. 7 years ago, Bushra khala called me and asked me about a guy named Asad. I said no Bushra khala no.’

She also talks about how a marriage within showbiz has become so common these days and the transformation of our society’s mindset as she mentions “back then, our society’s mindset was that an actress can’t be a homemaker. She is only for showbiz and glamour, she can’t live a simple live.”

Giving more insights, Zara confesses “My marriage is Sajal Aly and Bushra Ansari’s conspiracy’s outcome”’ Also for Bushra Ansari she mentions, “Bushra khala is always taken as a pride by her sisters and by us” while for Sajal, “she is a chota don for me.’

The next tidbits came from Iffat Omar, who asked Zara about her experience working in this industry for which the actress says, “being late in our industry is taken as something to be proud of” she added,“even though we’re living in the 21st century, looks are still chosen over brains in our industry” which raised an important issue of how shallow the industry and our society is.

Addressing body-shaming within the industry, the actress further added, “God has created you a certain way and the world has no right to judge you. This is unfair.” All in all, the 5th episode of ‘Say It All With Iffat Omar’ with Zara Noor Abbas on the hot seat was very insightful. Now we’re eagerly waiting for the 6th episode to release.