It’s accepted that whatever you do get the consequences same ,so what we are giving to our immature kids that we must not regret .Since what I have observing really is dangerous ,we elders mostly make the kids busy with the Television that we could get Impunity from them. If a 4 or 6 years old boys or girls see someone is going to be killed or something is going to be steal then what goes to them, have we ever imagined?

Further more, I confidently say that in every ten parents 8 are willingly sending their kids to watch television since we get a compart nap, what they watch it’s not confirm to each. I don’t say that don’t let them watch television even you must be aware that what they are watching reather it effects their careers or not.

It is apprised in United States that whenever the youngsters get out of high school he has given his more then 20,000 hours to watched television 15,00 murders watched and 100,000 alcohol.

Then how we will be able to receive a positive behaviours from such Kids. It is my humbly request to parents that take care of your kids and safe their careers to be destroyed.