The brother of Nimrita Kumari,  Dr Vishal Chandrani revealed that he believes his sister was murdered. 

According to media reports, Dr. Chandrani categorically rejected the post-mortem report, which concludes that Nimrita Kumari, a Hindu student, had committed suicide.

Dr Chandrani, a medical consultant at Dow Medical College, Karachi, said the marks around Kumari’s neck suggested she was murdered.

"I have seen my sister's body and all evidences on it point towards murder," Dr Chandrani said.

He added that according to the hospital authorities, Kumari hanged herself from the ceiling fan using a dupatta. However, the marks on her neck show no signs of having used such material.

Earlier, he claimed that the marks on Kumari's neck were caused by a cable. Dr Chandrani, questioning the sincerity of doctor who conducted the postmortem, said the wounds on her arms also contradict the suicide theory as they show she was being held down forcefully.

"Even the fan that she reportedly hung herself from is intact," he further noted.

"I demand that a judicial committee be constituted and adequate investigations be done to probe the matter, otherwise there will be no deterrence for people who get away with murder," Dr Chandrani added. 

Nimrita Kumari was a student of the Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University’s Bibi Aseefa Dental College. 

Her death has shocked social media users, with hashtags raising awareness of her alleged murder.

Her body was recovered from the university's premises , after which  police surgeon Dr Shamsuddin Khoso said they had found marks of rope tied to her neck.