Irish rock band U2 is under fire for its planned performance in India this December.

In a recent interview, The Edge told Bombay Times, “We made India a priority on this tour and we are excited. It’s a culmination of so many years of our ambition to get to India and meet our Indian audience."

This would be the first live-performance of the band in India. Mumbai has been included on their The Joshua Tree tour. The only other Asian cities on the tour itinerary are Manila, Tokyo, and Seoul.

The decision comes at a controversial time after India illegally revoked the special constitution status of the disputed Kashmir valley and imposed a lockdown on its residents. Since over 40 days, communication networks have largely remained shut down, and movement in the valley is restricted.

In the backdrop of stories of human rights violations emerging from the valley, U2’s decision to choose to play now in India has been slammed by the social media users.

Dr. Nida Kirmani, a sociologist at LUMS, tweeted: "Do you realise that 8 million people are under siege in Kashmir? Perhaps you should reconsider and register your protest given your claimed commitment to human rights?"

U2 band member, the eccentric Bono, has often been at the forefront of human rights campaigns. In Europe, Bono attempted to draw greater attention to the fact that most of the so-called 'migrants' travelling into Europe were escaping war and conflict, and should be called 'refugees' instead. Bono and the band's lack of acknowledgement of what is happening to Kashmiris represents for many social media users a betrayal of the kind of image U2 has created of itself.