KARACHI - Ruckus in the Sindh Assembly consumed another private members day as the lawmakers belonging to the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) once again came face to face and called each other incompetent.

Opposition Leader Firdaus Shamim Naqvi expressed displeasure over ‘irrelevant’ answers given by Energy Minister Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh during the Question Hour. “Irrelevant answers show the incompetence of the minister and his department,” said Naqvi whose remarks didn’t please Shaikh who also hit back and said ‘Opposition and its leader both are incompetent’.

After the verbal spat, members of both parties came face to face and almost indulged into a brawl but they were separated. Earlier, hullabaloo started soon after Dua when the chair didn’t allow Naqvi to speak on a point of order. The Opposition Leader warned to approach inter-parliamentary union against this attitude towards the opposition.

One-minute silence observed for Nimrata

Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Mukesh Kumar Chawla asked Naqvi ‘to go wherever you want but don’t threaten us and dictate the chair’. He termed the opposition behavior not acceptable and said it didn’t want smooth running of the house.

The spat between the treasury and opposition also irked the Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani who said that 45 minutes were lapsed only for one question. “History has been made that we took 45 minutes of the house for only one question,” Durrani noted.

After his unsuccessful repeated efforts to calm down members of both sides, the Speaker adjourned the house till Friday.

Medical student

mysterious death

Earlier, Speaking on a point of order, Health Minister Dr Azra Fazal Pechuhu said that investigation was underway on mysterious death of a Medical student Nimrata who was found dead from Chandka Medical College in Larkana. “It would be early to declare her death, murder or suicide as the investigation is underway and the political parties are requested not to pass any immature remarks in this regard,” she added. One-minute silence was also observed for Nimrata on request of Mangla Sharma of the MQM-P.

Sindh Minister for Enenrgy Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh said that the provincial government was taking efforts to generate power and 2310 megawatts electricity to be inducted in the national grid.

Furnishing replies to written queries of the lawmakers during the Sindh Assembly Question Hour on Tuesday, Shaikh said that 2310 MW production in the national grid was expected to bridge the maximum gap in the demand and supply and reduce the electricity crisis in the province and the country ultimately. However, he didn’t give deadline for inducting the electricity to the national grid.

Giving details, of the power generation products, he said t “Thal Nova Power Limited and Thar Energy Limited (HUBCO) are working under Phase-II for establishment of 330 MW each power plants. In Phase-III Lucky Power Company and Siddiq Sons Energy Limited for production of 330 MW each while in Phase-IV Bitra Group, China Machinery Engineering Company (CMEC) & Arif Habib Group are in the field at Thar with a plan of 330 MW each project/projects,”.

To a separate question asked by Rana Ansar of the MQM-P, the Minister said that Sindh government has no plan to control over the K-Electric and HESCO

“Is it a fact that Government has any plan to control over KESC/HESCO to ensure adequate supply of electricity in Karachi and Interior Sindh,” Rana asked.

In the reply, Shaikh said that Sindh has no plan to control over the KESC or HESCO to ensure adequate supply of electricity in Karachi and interior Sindh.

“The K-E, HESCO AND SEPCO are regulated by NEPRA through the Ministry of Energy, Government of Pakistan. However, Sindh Government is making all out efforts to ensure that short fall of demand and supply is reduced to the maximum possible extent. The recent production of 660 MW is a first achievement of Thar Coal whereas the next phases are in progress and expected to reduce the electricity crisis,” he added.