The fantastic behavior of our lawmakers is enviable – pun intended. When in government, they treat government employees as their private servants and expect them to perform at their whim. In case of non-compliance by a government officer because the instruction is not according to law, the Honorable lawmakers act as a spoiled kid throwing tantrum and hurling threats at government servant.

For example, the honorable politician and leader of the opposition in the KPK assembly, Mr. Akram Khan Durrani from KPK, is one of the prominent members of the Rahber Committee. One of the purposes of this committee is to protest transgressions and wrongdoings of the government to bring it down. If my memory serves me correctly, Mr. Durrani back in time when MMA was the CM of KPK. One traffic warden in Islamabad dared to perform his duty and stopped Mr. Durrani’s car and issued him a ticket for violation of traffic rules.

As expected, this became a huge issue – as always, an issue of the privilege of the legislature. Eventually, the ticket paid by his party – not himself – but not before making it a national issue.

I am surprised that the same person will now be the saviour of law from the wrongdoings by those in power. There are numerous similar examples where those who break the law with impunity while in power become protects of the same when in opposition.