Okara-A meeting of literary persons unanimously passed a resolution against Indian atrocities in Held Kashmir.

More than 2 dozen members of the local chapter of Anjuman Taraqqi Pasand Musannfeen (ATPM) of the district held the meeting chaired by Dr Fazal Ahmad Khusro. It was convened especially in the back drop of the Indian Held Kashmir situation and thus causing a war like tension between two atomic powers putting in danger more than 2 billion people of the Sub Continent. Arguments were advanced by professor Muhammad Amin Anjam, Rao Muhammad Shakil, Ghulam Mustafa Mughal, Sohail Aslam and others

The meeting of the writers expressed its deep concern over present tense and probable war like situation between the 2 neighbouring atomic powers and condemned the continued imposition of curfew, violating the basic human rights against the freedom and the right to self-determination.

The participants of the meeting considered as war like situation which may cause traditional and especially atomic war, against the peace of world and destruction of the Sub Continent.

So it demanded all the countries across the globe and particularly the two countries to clearly announce not to go for war. Similarly it was appealed to all the sane and conscious people of the world to value and weigh the public pressure against the probable war in this war like state taking it as human ration duty.

The meeting strongly demanded India and Pakistan to negotiate over all disputed issues and all the Kashmiris be taken as founder members without any decimation of colour, creed and religion in the dialogues.