MIRPURKHAS - Hundreds of villagers and workers of Awami Tehreek, Naokot held a demonstration near the LBOD drain on Thursday to protest against government’s failure to plug the breaches despite the passage of two weeks. The protesters and leaders of Awami Tehreek also burnt tyres to vent their anger. Talking to the media on this occasion, the protesters said that irrigation and drainage division, Mirpurkhas had failed to plug breaches in Dhoro Puran and LBOD spinal drain as a result of which surge in water flow towards the Naokot town had been noticed, forcing the residents to migrate to safer places.

They alleged that officers of the Drainage Division were responsible for this devastation as desilting of LBOD drains was not done as a result of which capacity of these drains to store water was reduced, adding such overflow of drains had become common now.

They demanded the Sindh chief minister and irrigation minister to take immediate notice of the situation and punish the responsible officers without any delay. Later, police dispersed the protestors, assuring them that their grievances would be communicated to the Sindh government.