LAHORE  - The Pakistan Railways has decided to introduce three more trains under the public-private partnership at different routes to facilitate the people. 

According to the PR spokesperson on Thursday, 201-Up /202-Dn Attock Passenger  train will  be operated between Mari Indus and Attock City from September 20 while the second 203-Up/204-Dn Jund Passenger train will run on the same date between Jund and Attock City.  

The third 127-Up/128-Dn Mehar Express will be introduced from September 27  which will run between Rawalpindi and Multan via Fateh Jhang, Kundian and Bhakkar. 

Earlier, the PR introduced Faiz Ahmad Faiz Passenger (Lahore-Narowal) and Lasani Express  (Lahore-Narowal-Sialkot) under the public-private partnership.