LAHORE   -   On the direction of City Police Officer Faisalabad Captain (Retd) Sohail Chaudhry, a traffic awareness camp was organised outside Iqbal Stadium for safe travel and accident prevention. CTO Faisalabad Hassan Afzal, TRSF Chairman Khurshid Alzaman Khoshhali, Atlas Honda Safety Manager Asif Ghauri and others, representatives of Epsif International, traffic police officers, social workers and citizens were present in large numbers on the occasion. Motorcyclists were informed about the benefits of using a helmet and the dangers of being careless. The citizens were appealed not to be careless about the helmet and to ensure the use of the helmet in all cases. The purpose of educating the citizens on roads and various other places is to ensure observance of traffic rules. Observance of traffic rules guarantees safe travel while violation leads to accidents. CPO Capt (R) Sohail Chaudhry visited Traffic Awareness Camp.