ISLAMABAD    -    Robots have become key players during the coronavirus pandemic and United Airlines is using one to disinfect planes with the hopes of encouraging people to take flight again. The firm has designed a 100-pound robot to disperse an antimicrobial spray that forms a long-lasting bond on surfaces and hinders the growth of microbes. Called NovaRover, the system is equipped with an omnidirectional nozzle atop a poll that sprays the fine mist in six directions as it rolls down the aisle. 

United explains that it only takes one and a half minutes to disinfect a majority of planes and is set to release these robots at 10 airports across the US that help during a craft’s ‘deepest cleaning’ overnight. Robots are being used across the US and worldwide to help limit human interaction amid the lingering coronavirus pandemic. Technologies are being adopted for deliveries, assembly lines and disinfecting large surfaces that could be breeding grounds for the virus.