QUETTA - Thirty-six member Balochistan Cabinet is expected to take oath today (Saturday) as most of the issues among the coalition parties have been settled, informed sources said here on Friday. However, a final meeting is scheduled to hold between the PPP and Balochistan National Party (Awami), independent candidates and some PML-Q members for resolving the issue of portfolios. The provincial cabinet would comprise 8 members of PML-Q, 7 from PPP, 6 each of JUI and independents, 5 Balochistan National Party (Awami), 2 Awami National Party, 1 each from Jamiat Ulema Islam (Ideological) and National Party (Parliamentarian). JUI-F having ten seats in the provincial assembly had entered into coalition with PPP and sought assurances of getting senior ministership besides six ministries and the slot of deputy speaker in Balochistan assembly. According to agreement, they have been allotted the portfolios of Planning and Development, Public Health Engineering, Health, Labour and Manpower, Balochistan Development Authorities and Forest and Wildlife. Although BNP-A, which has seven members also entered into agreement with the PPP leadership but the Chief Minister has denied them important portfolio of finance with a view to accommodate other parties. The BNP-A was offered the departments of Agriculture, Industries, Mines and Mineral and Social Welfare while it will also get another portfolio after oath taking. However, the BNP hesitantly accepted these ministries and insisted for Finance. The party, which remained in President Musharraf's camp and has been supporting his policies in Balochistan including military operation, held Finance department during the last seven year. Its parliamentary leader Syed Ehsan Shah and the party MPAs were scheduled to hold meeting with Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani today. The ANP parliamentary leader along with his party members would also meet with Chief Minister Raisani to settle the issue of portfolios. Earlier, the group comprising ANP and JUI-Ideological was assured to be assigned finance department along with senior ministership by PPP leaders Syed Khursheed Shah and federal minister Ejaz Jhakrani but now it has been offered Revenue and Settlement, Local Bodies and Balochistan Water and Sanitation Authority. Shiekh Jaffar Mundokhail, the PML-Q parliamentary leader who announced his five-member group's support to PPP Chief Minister, choosen for Finance department on the recommendation of Governor Nawab Zulfiqar Magsi. Chief Minister Nawab Raisani has also decided to include Begum Perveen Magsi, the wife of Governor Balochistan, in the cabinet and promised to allot Women Development Department to her. Mir Asim Gaillu of PML-Q, who remained revenue minister in Jam cabinet for five years and worked hard for the formation of PPP government in Balochistan after recent general elections, is also demanding his old portfolio. He is expected to play an important role in persuading party members to support Nawab Raisani. Sardarzada Bakhtiar Khan Dombki, an independent candidate who had not voted for Chief Minister Raisani, has refused to accept ministerial slot due to old rivalry with Nawab Aslam Raisani. The other six independent members have been offered portfolios of Irrigation, Excise and Taxation, Livestock, Environment, Culture and Tourism and Gwader Port Authority. Independents' leader Sardar Aslam Bezenjo refused to take oath in the cabinet on the ground of inclusion of PML-Q and BNP (Awami) in protest over these two parties' active support for Musharraf particularly on military operation. He is also meeting Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani to settle the issue. The sole member of National Party (Parliamentarian) Sardar Sanaullah Zahri has accepted the portfolio of Services and General Administration Department. The PPP insiders claimed that the portfolios have been finalised adding, however, that some changes could be made after negotiations with coalition parties before oath taking of the new cabinet.