General (retd) Pervez Musharraf appeared before the Islamabad High Court to seek a bail extension in the judges’ confinement case. However, his plea was dismissed by Justice Shaukhat Aziz Siddiqui, who pointed out that Musharaf was accused of destroying the judicial system. The court ordered that the charge of terrorism be added in the case.

Like a coward, General (retd) Musharraf fled from the premises of the court when his bail was not extended. Ironically, he faced no resistance upon his exit from the court and departed to his farmhouse in Chak Shahzad with the aid of his security personnel.

It is a matter of shame for the police force that they could not arrest him on the spot, despite the orders of the court. The distance from the court to his residence is around 25 kilometres and it takes around 15 minutes for his motorcade to cover this length. The route is very well managed by the traffic police and a simple message on the wireless system could have enabled the police to have stopped his motorcade and arrested him.

The security provided to him also comes under the rule of law and by helping him escape; all the security personnel have played their role in helping the accused flee away. Additionally, by doing this, he has also committed another crime that will add to his list of crimes against the state.

It seems that the General is living under an illusion of being considered above the law. This is a changed Pakistan, which he left a few years back. Coming to term with the reality on the ground is the only decent way for him to conduct; for else, there are many shoes in the hands of the masses waiting to strike him at the very sight of his being.

Dr Irfan Zafar,

Islamabad, April 18.