The earth receives about 75,000×1011 kw of energy from the sun every day. Just 0.1 percent of this energy is sufficient to meet the energy requirement of the entire world. If the solar energy striking an area of 12,550 sq km at noon is converted to electricity, it will be equal to the peak power generation capacity of all power plants in the world.

Similarly, if only a part of the roof of an average house in Pakistan is converted to solar panels, it can provide sufficient energy to meet the entire energy requirement of the house.

Besides this, solar energy could be converted to mechanical, chemical or electrical energy. However, silicon solar cells can covert solar radiation directly into electricity and can be used for domestic lighting, for running television sets, radio instruments and for community lighting.

Indeed, these systems are costly to install. But once they are installed, there is little expenditure involved and the device works for years. With the advent of summer, our country faces more and more energy shortfall. We must avail ourselves of this environment-friendly energy in order to keep sustainable pace with developing nations around the world.


Karachi, April 13.