The candidates were completely at the mercy of the Returning Officers when they were being scrutinized. There is a famous adage, "As grave as a judge" but it seems that it did not apply to the Returning Officers who made a spectacle of the would-be legislators by asking them ludicrous questions.

A lot has been written in the newspapers and more than enough has been discussed about the absurd questions the ROs asked the candidates for the impending elections. In fact, quite a few of us took delight in seeing these thieves and plunderers in trouble. To be more correct, most of us are the victims of a psychological malaise called ‘schadenfreude’. The ROs are after all a part of our society and there is no reason to criticize them if they have displayed the sadistic aspect of their psyche.

Unfortunately science has not yet invented any machine by which one can read what is in the deepest recesses of our heart or mind; whether one is a true Muslim or not; whether one is ‘Sadik and Ameen’ or not. I would like to say that they could have asked questions relevant to morality, ethics or humane aspect of our society. No one was asked what they had done in the previous five years, what was their  education, experience and qualification?


Wah Cantt, April 12.