I would like to draw your attention to the inconvenience caused by VIP movements. No formal announcements are ever made about these movements, which result in disturbing people who are forced to wait for hours, even though some of them might be facing an emergency situation. People cannot reach their destinations on time, ambulances don’t reach on time and cases have been reported where the patient suffered fatally while waiting for a so called dignitary in our country. Children wait in schools for parents or drivers to be picked, people are late for doctor’s appointment. No wonder we have no respect for time because our ‘dignitaries’ don’t have any.

Added to the discomfort is another life threatening hazard i.e. of cell phone snatchers! And while everyone is panicked and waiting for the roads to clear, the snatchers appear from nowhere to play their dirty game. The waiting cars become a sitting duck for these criminals.

Our VIPs are so afraid for their lives that they do not leave their residences without a large entourage and after the roads blocked. I would like to tell them that this is a practice against the teachings of Islam. They can also inform the general public when they are moving around so that they can avoid the route as well as the stress.


Karachi, April 17.