Through the courtesy of your column I would like to draw attention to problems being faced by the commuters of Metro Bus Service in Lahore. The PML-N has claimed that they have a great service to the poor people of Lahore by making a world class bus service available to them.

This mega project cost a huge amount of money and caused discomfort to millions located near the route or those who passed that way. Houses were destroyed, payments not made and shops raised to the ground; sadly, now the promised compensation has not been made.

They had promised safe and decent mean of transportation with reasonable fair for the public. Initially, the fare was reasonable and affordable but now they have doubled the amount. It was promised that there would be a bus every three minutes, now people have to wait for hours for a bus.

There also seems to be a thriving pickpocket gang working on the bus route. Surely, this cannot be called ‘safe, affordable and comfortable service.’


Karachi, April 12.