The electioneering reached at fever pitch as rival candidates are flexing muscles diligently wooing voters to muster their support across the district.

The candidates and their supports are also utilising social media as a tool to disseminate their message.

The contesting candidates belong to different political parties have been canvassing votes in their respective constituencies both for the National and Provincial Assemblies in Sialkot, Daska, Pasrur and Sambrial tehsils of the district.

The candidates along with supporters are busy with contacting voters in respective constituencies to drum up maximum support for the fast-approaching elections. The women folk are taking active part in leveling support in favour of their candidates from various political parties in the run-up to elections.

The supporters of various political parties are using social media as a tool for their election campaign because social media has become an effective instrument for the electoral activities.

The basic concept of using social media is to assess the popularity of political parties and getting quick feedback about the contesting candidates through comments both positive and negative from the social media users.

On the other hand, supporters of the different candidates have decorated their vehicles with colourful flexes and party flags to attract voters.

One can see people including the women indulge in heated and interested debates on elections and performance of the previous government as they have sufficient spare time due to prolonged electricity outages.

A thorough analysis of the main tribes residing in the district reveals that there are 30 percent Jatt, 13 percent Aryan, 14 percent Kashmiris, 25 percent Gujjars, 14 percent Rajput and 5 percent belong to others tribes.

It is to be noted that Kashmiris and Gujjars are on the top and have always played an instrumental role in the elections results.

According to political observers, a neck-and-neck electoral contest is expected NA-111 both the PML-N and PTI have fielded strong candidates Chaudhry Armaghan Subbani and Chaudhry Ajmal Cheema against PPPP candidate Dr Firdous, making her go all-out for retaining her seat at all cost(s). While Dr Firdous is also confronted a tough fight in shape of PML-N four-time winner Khawaja Muhammad Asif in NA-110.

According to political pundits, the position of Kh Asif is strong as compare to his rivals including Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan in NA-110.

It is to be noted that there are a total of 394,201 registered voters in NA-111 of which 1,63,026 are women voters. The political observers anticipated that Gujjars and refugees settled in different parts of NA-111 would play a decisive role most likely in favour of the PML-N during the elections.

The total number of registered voters in the district is 1.8 million out of which 0.7 are women.

The population of the district is 3.8 million whereas the population of the district according to the 1998 census was 2.7 million, indicating, one percent increase in the total population. The Tehsil-wise population is Sialkot tehsil 1.7 million, tehsil Daska 855,571, Pasrur 864,553 and tehsil Sambrial 421,560.

The constituency wise registered voters in NA-110 SKL-1 are 3,38,928 of which 1,48,505 are women voters, NA-111-SLK-11 3, 94,201 total voters of which 1,63, 026 women, NA-112-SLK-111 3,47,523 out which 1,41,529 are women voters, NA-113-SLK-IV 3,55,989 of this total 1,44,517 are women voters and NA-114-SLK-V 3,74,020 out of which 1,51,241 are women registered voters.