It comes as a surprise that no one from our team, that was eager to participate in the ‘Peace Talks’, asked the Taliban what kind of ‘Jihad’ are they conducting? I am no scholar and may know very little about Jihad, but what I do know tells me that killing innocent women and children was never condoned during the time of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Am I wrong? In all the ‘Gazwas’ mentioned in Islamic history books, we have seen kindness displayed by all Muslim leaders toward the prisoners of war. They were never brutal or acted viciously as the current TTP or Taliban are doing, these so-called Muslim ‘Jihadists’.

Recently I watched a video, circulating on mobile phones, where our armed forces soldiers were shot and then cut into pieces and their bodies dragged like carcasses! I have seen such behavior only on National Geographic, when they show wild animals hunting, and even then I felt sick to my core. What kind of barbarians are we giving credence to in our country and why have we deemed it fit to talk to them? We have shown how weak we are and how pathetic is Pakistan to give in to their demands. Did they give in to any of our demands? Have they released our soldiers?

Is no one in this country awake to the disaster that we are inviting by talking to them? Let us all unite against these barbaric butchers, murderers and assassins who are holding us hostage to words such as ‘Islam and Shariah’. There is no precedent in Islam which permits the killing of innocent people to bring Shariah to a country! Islam was not spread by the sword but by the excellent behavior shown by our Prophet (PBUH) and his companions. These were Jihads and ‘Gazwas’ not what is being done in today’s Pakistan.

Let me beseech the misguided TTP and the Taliban to desist from such actions which are portraying a negative impression of such a wonderful religion.


Karachi, April 17.