Lahore - The provincial governments all over the country, including Punjab administration, are not serious to provide security to Fruit & Vegetable Markets across Pakistan despite deadly incident of terrorism in federal capital, leaving more than two dozens fruit vendors dead.

All Pakistan Fruit & Vegetable Market Ittehad president Ch Zaheer stated that Fruit & Vegetable Markets are not being provided security after the blast incident in Islamabad. He said that dealers and vendors in the markets are worried and working in fearing atmosphere. The government, soon after the blast had claimed to install security cameras in and around the markets but progress has been made in this regard. Fruit & Vegetable Markets Association, on individual basis are installing security cameras and government security agencies are not collaborating with the private sector for the security of market dealers and visitors where hundreds of thousands of people visit and trade on daily basis, he added.   

Ch Zaheer said the Punjab government has absolutely failed to protect masses, as the whole police force of the province has been deputed for the security of the CM and his family. All Pakistan Fruit & Vegetable Market Ittehad president, demanding the permanent and foolproof security at fruit markets allover the province, stated that acts of terrorism are an ugly attempt to destabilize Pakistan and to create an impression of unsafe country in the eyes of international community. He said that the government needs to evolve a new policy to cope with the menace of terrorism. He said that repeated terror incidents had spoiled the country’s image and no foreigner is willing to visit Pakistan what to talk of doing business with Pakistanis.  Ch Zaheer said that it was very strange that despite all our efforts, the terrorists were attacking the place of their choice and killing innocent people.

He urged the government to evolve a well-thought strategy to overcome menace of terrorism as repeated terrorist attacks were badly tarnishing image of the country.

He said that the Prime Minister, the President and all the Chief Ministers should sit with the politicians and business leaders to evolve a methodology to get rid of this menace.