Amy Adams sometimes has to have a stern word with herself. The actress shouldn’t be too concerned about her talents - she’s been nominated for five Oscars, including a nod at last year’s ceremony for American Hustle.

Despite the recognition, the 40-year-old does require the occasional boost. Luckily her young daughter Aviana, who she has with her fiancé Darren Le Gallo, is on hand to help.

‘I call my daughter!’ she enthused to German magazine Glamour when asked how she deals with lapses in self-esteem. ‘Not to have a deep conversation, I mean, Aviana is just four years old. It’s just nice to have a chat and hear her voice.

‘Sometimes, even just looking at a photo of her is enough. It puts things into perspective and reminds me of the important things in my life. ‘I also talk to myself occasionally. Something like: ‘Pull yourself together, Adams!’‘

The redhead added that co-stars have often walked in on her having a stern word with herself. Initially it’s a bit embarrassing, but she quickly distracts them with conversation. One of the worst things for actors is the power of the Internet and Google.

That’s why Amy tries hard to refrain from looking up reviews of her work. ‘I let colleagues give me a vague idea of how the film is being perceived so I don’t have any huge shocks,’ she explained. ‘And sometimes I do read something online - which instantly reminds me why I should never look at anything online! But I still don’t take criticism personally. Some people don’t like my work, and that’s OK.’