Islamabad - The health experts at a seminar on pollen allergy have emphasised on adopting good eating habits to minimise the effects of allergy and avoid its different forms during the high pollen allergy season.

The one-day seminar on pollen allergy was organized by the health department of Islamabad to sensitize general public on pollen allergy at Aabpara Community Welfare Center.  The experts highlighted the importance as to how minimize the effects of allergy during the high pollen season and adopting good eating habits to avoid different forms of allergy.

Dr Muhammad Najeeb Durrani, in-charge pollen allergy camps, informed, “In the past few decades, various forms of allergens have become known and now we know that allergy patients may have some form of allergy either from food, cosmetics, mite, dust or pollen.” Various plants that blossom in the spring season, especially the paper mulberry trees, cause pollen allergy and affect those who are highly sensitive and susceptible and symptoms ranging from minor flu like ailments to a form of medical condition called status asthmatics, narrowing of airways. He said that considerable efforts have been made by the CDA and other stakeholders to get rid of the menace of the paper mulberry trees. The experts also appreciated the role of media in creating awareness among the general public.

Over 850 allergy patients have been treated at the 13th free pollen allergy camp during last four days and all the medicines provided free of cost to the patients.