LAHORE - The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has started removing machinery from the site of the proposed project of ‘Signal Free Corridor’ from Qartab Chowk to Liberty Chowk Gulberg via Jail Road on the directions of Lahore High Court.

LHC had earlier ordered the authority to halt the construction work and remove the machinery from the site forthwith owing to the huge traffic problems for the commuters.

Initially, the officials of LDA and Traffic Engineering and Planning Agency (TEPA) removed light machinery from the site whereas the LDA officials stated that removal of heavy machinery is not an easy task and cannot be removed overnight, seeking more time.

They told this scribe that the senior officials have already issued directions to their subordinates on Saturday to start work for the removal of machinery as soon as possible.

On the other hand, sources have informed this scribe that LDA might use delaying tactics while removing the machinery from the proposed site so that the authority could find some time to determine any possibility or middle way to settle the issue through legal proceedings.

In the meanwhile, the authority may approach Supreme Court in appeal challenging the short order of LHC against LDA’s proposed project of signal free corridor, the sources added.

They said the LDA authorities started holding meetings for consulting their legal advisors and also they hire other competent legal experts.

The LDA authorities seemed intended to move to SC in appeal against the LHC orders and they are trying to get stay order from SC within shortest possible period so that LDA would has not to remove machinery especially heavy machinery from the site, it was informed by the sources.

The LDA authorities, in fact, are considering the project is vital and beneficial as whole and is in the vast public interest and useful for the smooth flow of traffic and the legal experts would also take plea in the SC about importance of the project mentioning easy, fast and convenient approach for the commuters to other roads and areas of the city as well.

Earlier, the LDA authorities have removed machinery from the site of Express Way on the directions of LHC on a write petition filed by the locals seeking stay order against the acquisition of their land, the sources further said.

They said that LDA has served notices to the owners for acquiring their land for constructing such project which was planned to construct as overhead bridge connecting Ferozpur Road to Motorway on the Dual Carriage Way.