Speakers at the concluding session of a five-day interfaith harmony conference pledged on Saturday to leave no stone unturned to promote religious and sectarian harmony in the country with a view to turning Pakistan into a moderate and progressive society.

The conference was organized by Citizen Commission for Human Development with the collaboration of Omeed Jawan.

Speaking on this occasion, Maulana Shafeequr Rehman, Allama Zameer Naqvi, Margret Milton, Javed Iqbal and others said that the conference sent out a loud message to the preachers of hate, telling them that Pakistani nation would continue to resist and foil their bids to spread anarchy and hatred in the society. They added that the representatives from all sects and religions sat together under the same roof to devise a policy to make Pakistan a peaceful country. They said that the motive behind gathering here was to become the ambassadors of peace and tell the people to respect others’ faiths.

They stressed upon the youth to identify their actual role. “They should know that when they go abroad they represent Pakistan and Pakistani nation. We have to present Pakistan as a peaceful progressive country and not a terrorist state before the world,” they added.

They pointed out that the nation needed to strengthen state institutions besides promoting tolerance and patience in the society. “We need to strengthen judiciary and executive of the country in a transparent manner,” they added. The speakers said that Islam was the religion of tolerance and Muslims never forced others to give up their faith. “Rather Islam permits others to live in light of their faiths,” they further explained. They said that an Islamic Democratic state was the identity of Pakistanis