The constituency of NA-246 Karachi has become a cynosure for the people of Pakistan. MQM wants to make a definite victory in this constituency at any cost. And undoubtedly, its survival lies in this victory, in the long run. On the other hand, PTI is claiming that the workers of MQM are creating hindrances in their election campaign in this constituency. PTI candidate, in this by-election, Imran Ismail visited the constituency for election campaign, MQM’s workers united in groups and broke the screen and window of his car, the very next day they also put out PTI’s camps and beat some of the party’s workers.

Now it is the responsibility of the election commission to take notice of the allegations raised by PTI and clear the place for all participants. Article 21 lays the responsibility on the Election Commission to hold fair and transparent elections but it seems unsuccessful in this regard. It is clearly enumerated in Article 220 of the Constitution that it is the duty of the heads of the Federal as well as the Provinces to assist the election commission in discharging its duties. All the law enforcement agencies are liable to obey the election commission’s orders. Therefore, election commission must seek their assistance in order to hold a fair and transparent election in NA-246 constituency.


Kasur, April 14.