ISLAMABAD - Ever since new management of Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) has taken over the helm of affairs of the federation strange things start to happen.

PTF president Salim Saifullah Khan has appointed an army of office-bearers in the federation, with same old faces who were in the past shown the door by Kaleem Imam as majority of them had nothing to do with tennis but they wanted to gain personal favours. Defaulters like Zulfiqar Raheem were handed over the complex as director. It is the same guy who owes federation a lot of money as he was running academy in the federation but failed to pay a single penny and instead of taking long outstanding dues from Zulfiqar, he was handed over the highly important role. Same is the case with number of other persons. Razi Nawab is another perfect example of poor state of affairs in the PTF as he was a big flop in Pakistan Squash Federation, but he was given senior vice president role in the PTF on reasons best known to Salim Saifullah.

Another perfect example of highhandedness was noticed in the case of Pakistan's top U-18 player Syed Nofil Kaleem Imam, who was first despite being injured not given exemption from trials nor given time to recover.

And when trials were again conducted for the Australia-bound Junior Davis Cup squad, Nofil stormed into the team but he was given a cold shoulder by the non-playing captain/coach Asim Sahfiq, didn't bother to use his top junior player Nofil in singles and Nofil was only utilised in doubles. It is quite strange and highly unjustified behaviour with the former Asian Junior U-14 number 1 player. Instead Asim kept faith in injured Shiwani Raza till the last moment. What a great joke? Nofil is paying very heavy price for his relation with Dr Syed Kaleem Imam, former PTF president, as persons gathered around Salim Saifullah want to settle personal scores with Dr Kaleem.

Inside sources have confirmed to this scribe that Pakistan Junior Davis Cup team, which took part in the Junior Davis Cup Asia-Oceania qualifying round for the very first time in their history, were paid only 70$ per player by the federation for 10-day long trip. One could imagine how much it would be difficult for the players to meet their daily expenses with such meager amount and that too in one of the most expensive countries of the world. Why such unfair treatment was rendered to juniors? Where all the tall claims of the current president gone he made before the elections? Why same old faces, who were shown the door by Kaleem were given portfolios.

Inside sources further disclosed that instead of conducting 5 or 6 days training camp for the juniors before their departure, no heed was paid and players were sent just a day earlier.

How could one expect even ordinary results, thinking about winning was not more than a day dream? It is hoped PTF president would open his eyes and take federation affairs seriously, as he had promised. It makes no sense of appointing an army of officials just to appease them and serious efforts are the need of the hour as Pakistan badly need replacement of long serving Aisam and Aqeel to stand realistic chance in Davis Cup in very near future. The PTF is well short of time, if work on war footings not conducted, Pakistan might face serious problems in retaining their Group-II status, thinking about Group-I or beyond would be almost impossible.