2013 election, like all others were tainted by the stigma of rigging. The losers never accepted their defeat and winners glorified their success, not on basis of performance, but on notion of self-righteousness. Although, apparently the same story was repeated in 2013 election, there was a difference unlike the past, all parties winners, losers, and those in between cried foul. Every party including PML-N, PPP, PTI, ANP, JUI demonstrated dissatisfaction and even took out rallies against alleged rigging in the election.

However, it was only chairman PTI, who remained consistent in his demand for formation of a judicial commission to probe the elections. He took the stand that unless and until a judicial commission was formed his party would continue to protest and not attend the National Assembly. Consequently he staged protests and resorted to sit-inn to pressurize the government. Now the commission has been formed, instead of cooperating with the judicial commission, all politicians, including those from the ruling party indulge in hurling slanders and mudslinging to dishonor one another on electronic media.

The dust of mistrust among political leaders has engulfed the entire nation. It is about time that our politicians learnt from their mistakes and showed some maturity by letting the commission work. The judicial commission ought to ask all the political parties, as well as media, to refrain from discussing the topic and issuing irresponsible statement about this sensitive issue under probe.


Islamabad, April 14.