Islamabad - Pak-Arab Cooperation Forum (PACF) has called for leading role of Pakistan in Yemen crisis by sending peace-keeping forces to Yemen and defending forces to Saudi Arabia.

Chairman PACF Dr Abubakar Siddique said in his keynote address at a special meeting that aggressive and baseless statements of Iranian leadership after UN?s clear stance on Houthis can disturb the regional peace. He said that it is responsibility of Pakistani leadership to play its leading role in the light of Pak-Saudi strategic relation, as termed by the prime minster of Pakistan in his policy statement.

Pakistan could contribute in regional stability through its good relations and consultation with brotherly countries like Turkey, Oman and China, he added.

Dr Siddique also said that any delay in Pakistan?s participation to resolve the crisis of Yemen could cause further destabilization in the region and could cause the disadvantage for Pakistani current position in Saudi Arabia and Arab countries, which are major source for Pakistani strength in the political, economical and defence fields.