S:     Isn’t it amazing how Chinese leaders keep coming to Pakistan with all these mega investment schemes and nothing changes around here. Considering how often this happens, we should be the richest country in the world. Look at the papers today.

A:     Perhaps they confuse MOUs, which don’t really mean much, with final contracts. Then of course there is corruption and nepotism. Mostly, the government fails to bring in the investment that it is claiming and when it does arrive, its impact on our economy is underwhelming to say the least.

S:     I also don’t like how we act like the Chinese President is Santa Claus. Ho ho ho, who wants some gifts? That is also how we look towards our brethren in the Middle East. I understand how important foreign investment is, but the government acts like that is all we need when there is much else to be done. How about working on other aspects of the country’s economy? What about promoting SMEs, providing technical education, improving the taxation system, curtailing leakages and corruption? Perish the thought that they’d do anything substantial about all that.

A:     Well, who needs to be self-reliant when they’ve got Santa! A little from here and a little from there keeps our boat floating, so we’re good. By doing this, we’re ensuring that we keep looking outwards for solutions, as we remain unwilling to look inwards and do something about what we see.