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Reese Witherspoon leaves her star status behind when she’s at home helping her kids with their homework. The 39-year-old is a successful actress and producer, winning the world over with roles such as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde and June Carter in Walk the Line along with producing flicks such as Gone Girl. Alongside her busy career the star has her family, with daughter Ava and son Deacon from her marriage to Ryan Phillippe and son Tennessee with current spouse Jim Toth. My mother never stopped working; she’s still a very strong-willed, dynamic and pragmatic woman - a type A personality, which was also my nickname as a teenager,’ Reese explained to the US edition of OK! magazine.

 never been able to stand still, and I can be bossy - not in a bad way but in the sense of wanting to get things done.’

She backs this notion up during her interview with the latest issue of Marie Claire, describing herself as a ‘little spitfire’ and admitting her outspoken nature has got her into trouble before.

However, she always makes sure to be a good role model to her kids and is pleased they view her in a normal parent light rather than the A-list celebrity she is. ‘Ava and Deacon are very aware of the work I do, and the rest they don’t pay attention to. They’ve seen most of my films, and needless to say my daughter loves Legally Blonde!’ she smiled. ‘But when I come home, they see me as a mother. They want me to listen to what they’ve been doing, help them with their homework. It’s only their friends who see me as the big movie star.’