By Rimla Batool

A decade or so before the bright yellow jabbering minions ruled the screens and four-dimensional (4D) graphics made us feel like we were part of the dragon training with the Vikings, there was a simpler time. A time when one-dimensional animations would take our breath away. A time when we would imagine ourselves on a magic carpet flying around the kingdom of Agrabah, a time when we cried our hearts out on the death of our favourite little cub's father; the King of the prideland.

The 90's gave the kids of its era some of the most memorable, loveable, magical, inspiring animated movies. Those movies have stayed with us, the 90's kids, even today. I got in touch with a few 90's kids to help make a list of the movies that helped us make our childhood a beautiful memory and taught us a lesson, or two. We recommend these for today’s ‘Young Nation’. Grab a DVD of any one or all of these and experience a roller-coaster ride of emotions the same way we did.  Meanwhile, we might just take a break from our house chores, work schedules, and advanced studies and re-watch our favourite animated movies from the 90's too.

Here are the top ten recommendations the twenty-something’s have for the new kids on the block:

1)      The Lion King (1994)

Music, tragedy, comedy:  The story revolves around the young cub Simba; the heir to the Kingdom of Prideland. How his life turns upside down when tragedy hits the pride will break your heart but how he copes with the loss and guilt with the help of the most fun-loving friends is a journey that would make you smile with tears in your eyes.

 ”I like it because of how it explores the father-child relationship and how it teaches us to face life instead of running from it," comments Maham, a Pharma-D student.

2)      Aladdin (1992)

Magic Carpet, a Genie, and Princess Jasmine: This movie is set against the backdrop of an Arabic kingdom.  The story is about Aladdin; a petty thief who falls in love with a beautiful princess. He takes the help of a Genie he freed from a magic lamp to impress the young damsel by posing to be a prince.

“I am an avid pet-lover so the fact that all main characters in the story have pets was a big plus for me as a kid. Plus the silken haired, doe-eyed Jasmine was a step higher than all the Barbie dolls I played with," adds Sara, a housewife.

3)      Beauty and the Beast (1998)

A cursed prince, a girl looking for adventure, a twist of fate: The movie revolves around two characters: A prince cursed to be turned into a beast form by a curse because he had no love in his arrogant heart for others, and Belle: a young bookworm girl who dreams of life outside her small village. When her father gets imprisoned by the enchanted beast she offers to stay as a prisoner with hi instead.

“As a kid, the story’s main attraction was the magical elements and the beautiful Belle. Now, I find the story relatable in many aspects. We judge people too soon. The movie is emotional and cute.,” says Rameesha, a teacher.

4)      Mulan (1998)

Courage, Sacrifice, and a funny little Dragon: The movie is based on a Chinese folk tale about a Chinese teenage girl who disguises herself as a boy to fight the invading Huns. She is accompanied on her journey by a skinny dragon named Mushu, who always protests when he is referred to as a “lizard.”

“The best lesson of Mulan: a girl can be her own hero,” says Maham.

5)      Tarzan (1999)

Family, action, romance: Tarzan, an orphan boy, is raised by an ape in the jungle after his parents have been killed by a leopard. Tarzan believes he is an ape until he comes across Jane, a member of a team of human explorers from England.

“From animation to music, I found it as a complete entertaining package that made smile throughout,” says Fatima, a food and nutrition expert.



Published in Young Nation magazine on April 19, 2016