The government of Punjab has not allocated funds for the completion of under-construction DHQ Hospital in the district.

During a survey conducted by this correspondent, the residents of the area said that the project was started 10 years ago but parliamentarians from Mandi Bahauddin did not take any interest in its completion. They said that Mandi Bahauddin was declared district in 1993. At that time, there were two tehsil level hospitals in Mandi Bahauddin city and Tehsil Phalia. Mandi Bahauddin hospital was upgraded to DHQ Hospital in papers without increasing its capacity in terms of modern equipment and specialized staff.

They said that on the demand of people, construction of new DHQ Hospital was approved in 2004. After acquiring land for the Hospital, the project was started but left half way due to shortage of funds. Meanwhile, several development projects including construction and maintenance of roads and sewerage system were executed in the district. The Punjab Government has recently approved extension of urban water supply sewerage & drainage system in the city with the cost of Rs345.995 million. A new scheme of brick lining of car park in judicial complex at cost of 2 million has also been approved but no steps are being taken for the completion of the DHQ Hospital.

The residents of the area demanded the Punjab Government for completion of DHQ Hospital on priority basis before launching new development projects having less importance for the public. They also demanded that the amount which was allocated for sewerage and brick lining of car park in judicial complex should be diverted to the DHQ Hospital for its early completion. They said that due to the lack of medical facilities in the district, people have to travel Lahore for their medical treatment that is difficult for them to afford. The residents demanded the Punjab Government for early completion of DHQ Hospital so that the people could get medical treatment in the district.