By: Umama Nadir  

Hotel La Montana Magica is one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. It is located in Huilo, Chile that borders Argentina. It is a personal and for profit reserve in southern Chile. Its name is from the owner’s favourite fairytale. The story is all about a hotel that can make your wishes come true and that is magical. Its structure is just amazing and the water flowing from the top and all over the hotel just makes it look more like a fantasy world hotel.

It was created in 1990 and a 600 km2 of a forest that is dedicated to tourism and wildlife is included in it. It belongs to a businessman named Victor Peterman. It is located in the north east of the Mocho-Choshuenco Volcano. Argentina, Panguipulli and San Martin de los Andes are connected on the international gravel road where the resort’s main entrance is.

Its famous tourist attractions are the Huilo Huilo Falls, the longest zip-line system in South America that is 430 meters long, year round skiing, Pudu Puda which is the world’s smallest deer that has a weight of 10 kg and a shoulder height of 40 cm, the Magic Mountain Hotel and bird watching.

These are the details of the two of the main attractions:

Huilo Huilo Falls

It has a height of 40 meters and has only one drop. Its watercourse is the Fui River. In result of the low precipitation it frequently dries in the summers. As it is with a volcano the water and the magma may have created the explosive phreatic eruptions that created the Tumba Del Buey carter on the western flank of the volcano.

Pudu Puda

It is the subspecies of the South American deer from the genus of Pudu. There are two species of it; the northern and the southern Pudu. It is a mammal and is an endangered animal. The males have antlers but the females don’t.  It has a secretive nature and does not interact much socially.

This is all I searched about this so-called ‘magical’ hotel. It is really an amazing place and I would love to visit it at least once in my life.


Published in Young Nation on April 19, 2016