Lahore:Former governor and Pakistan and candidate for provincial president Punjab Tehreek-e-Insaf Chaudhary Mohammad Sarwar has said that it is not PTI but PMLN which is pursuing the politics of ‘Main na Manu’.

He questioned the reason behind Government not agreeing to why rulers were afraid of forming commission led by chief Justice of Pakistan. He said that it was democratic and constitutional right to stage protest against corruption and looting.

“Rulers’ own policies are biggest threat to their government,” he  said and added that the worst load shedding in the country has confirmed the

incompetence of the rulers. Sarwar was speaking to different delegations of PTI in his office, who called on him to discuss party’s foundation day.

Former governor said PTI was in no need to hatch conspiracies against

incumbents. Rather, he said, rulers’ corruption and looting were enough for their destruction. He said time had come to hold rulers accountable. He said Whenever rulers’ corruption and loot was exposed they tried to hide behind democracy. Rather, he said, all efforts to cover up their corruption would be failed.  he said rulers  will have to answer for  their corruption and plunder on every front. He said PTI had been raising its voice against rulers’ corruption and looting from the day first.

He said if rulers want us not to protest they should stop the corrupt practices. Else, he said,

PTI wont sit as silent spectator and would protest till the elimination of corruption in the country. He said those who made claims of ending load shedding in six months had been exposed before masses. He added that country was still facing worst load shedding and it seemed following the failures of rulers , problem of load shedding would not end even in 2018, rather it would compound further.