ISLAMABAD - Opposition parties in the National Assembly will soon submit adjournment motion in the National Assembly Secretariat, blaming the PML-N govt for late start of operation against ‘Chotu gang’ in Southern Punjab area.

Major Opposition parties (PPP, PTI and MQM) are blaming the PML-N-led govt for failing to maintain law and order situation in the country especially in South Punjab, sources in Opposition parties told The Nation.

Sources said that Opposition parties will raise questions for starting operation against ‘Chotu gang’ with much delay.

“Why the government always starts operation in the area in ‘harvest season’, as farmers of hinterland have to face financial loss every year,” they added. Opposition might draft a joint adjournment motion on this issue, sources said, as strategy will be made after completion of ‘Zarb-e-Ahan’ against ‘Chottu gang’. “We (MQM) will plan to contact other parties or submit motion only from ourside about this ignorance, as in case of Karachi govt took no time to start operation,” said a senior MQM leader.

A PPP lawmaker said that they had already discussed this issue in National Assembly proceedings. “Will try to take up this issue again in the National Assembly’s upcoming session,” he added.

‘Zarb-e-Ahan’ is currently underway in the area against a gang of notorious dacoits and nearly 50 members of the dreaded Chotu Gang have surrendered their weapons before police.

Currently, Army troops backed by helicopter gunships pushed deep into the ravine area stronghold of the gang that has so far successfully fought back advances of the 2,200 strong police force comprising members of the Punjab police and Elite Force aided by the paramilitary Rangers.

The area where they operate comprises small islands: Kacha Jamal, Kacha More and Kacha Shah Wali. The gang at the moment has secured itself in a 10-kilometre strip at Kacha Jamal. Police and the gang are separated by a 1.5 kilometer side stream of the River Indus, which has to be covered on boats.