ISLAMABAD: Rare book titled 'Chinese Soft Power Code,' in context of Sino-Pak ties written by Pakistan former ambassador Syed Hasan Javed was launched  in Beijing, amid a select gathering of former Chinese diplomats, media personnel and  scholars.

The author who lived in China for about a decade gave his eye-account of China's emergence as world power in a short time.

Current Pakistan ambassador in Beijing Masood Khalid was also present on occasion who spoke highly of the author and his works. He termed it as yet another contribution towards China-Pakistan friendship, says a message received here Tuesday.

Several participants including former Ambassadors of China to Pakistan shared their thoughts about the book and its significance in promoting greater understanding of each other's cultures and societies.

Introducing the book, Hasan Javed said it was his fourth book on a topic related to China. He said he availed the opportunity to highlight permeate the daily lives of the Chinese, in context their rise as a major world power and its decades' ever-growing partnership withPakistan.

This book carried his decade’s long observations about the theory of Chinese soft power and their rich social capital heritage. It is a collection of ancient and modern eclectic soft power values, attributes and wisdom.

It also comprises a study on Pakistan's soft power heritage and historical and cultural linkages with China. His objective of writing the book was to create value by sharing values, develop cultural interchangeability to help harness collective Asian wisdom, including Chinese wisdom.

During his weeklong stay in China Syed Hasan Javed who is currently Director of Chinese Studies Centre, NUST also participated in the 120th Anniversary celebrations of the establishment of Xian Jiaotong University. He was accompanied by Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Principal SMME. The event was well timed by an International Expo of the World Class Universities. NUST is the founding Council Member of the Universities Alliance of the Silk Route (UASR).

The Pakistani team was amongst 30 Foreign Universities participating in the Expo. Three World Nobel Laureates and Presidents of 32 Chinese Universities and 50 thousand students participated in the Opening ceremony. The Pakistani team held several meetings with the attending delegates.