By: Raazia Syed

The change in seasons is beauty of nature; there are four seasons in our country (winter, summer, spring and autumn). These seasons are gift for us from our Lord, so sometimes we enjoy ice creams and sometimes we prefer to take dry fruits.

Now summer has come, I know, you people are eager for shopping; now I am giving you some tips for trendy and fashionable summer shopping.

1.    Casual or Formal

First of all dear friends, you need to decide about the functions or parties which you have to attend. If you are attending any party like birthday, wedding and friends get together, try to choose formal dresses. Casual wearing means the clothes which you use while you are at home. So here you have option to select cotton, lawn and night suit as well like loose pajama, trousers, sleeping gown and shirts having front buttons

2.    Selection of colors

The second point which you should keep in mind is that cool and light colors are more in during this season. Baby pink, sky blue, lemon, hazel, move, white and light brown would be good options.  

3.    Loose and soft stuff

When you go to the market with your Mom and elder siblings, try to listen to them and prefer to buy good quality but soft stuff clothes like cotton, lawn, muslin etc.

Now in markets a wide range of trousers, T shirts, jeans, dress pants, Forks, long and short shirts and shalwar kameez is available on nominal prices. Many sandals and softies are also available in market.  So enjoy summer buddies but don’t forget to give your old but trendy clothes to poor kids...


 Published in Young Nation magazine on April 19, 2016