By Zahabia Khozema Motorwala

(This is a true story)

This world is full of surprises. The most surprising thing that I find is the ability of human beings to not only adjust and survive in the most unfavorable circumstances but also enjoy their lives. Along with living such exemplary lives, they tend to inspire many people around them and these people are not some celebrities or nabobs but ordinary people. Since these people are from the general masses, they motivate people around them more affectively because their lives are more relatable than that of celebrities.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a general store to buy some grocery. A little boy of age 7-8, who was one of the salesmen there, fetched me the items that I had asked for from different racks. After getting me the items he started to put them in a plastic bag and started adding the prices of each item mentally. I was awestruck; I was literally staring at him with my mouth open. I mean I can’t do addition verbally and this tiny boy who looked illiterate was adding such huge numbers.

The owner of that store, who also happens to be a friend of my dad, was sitting nearby. I jokingly told him that this boy is quite intelligent; he should be studying instead of working. He told me  go to school. He goes to school in the morning and comes to work in the evening. He showed me his report card which he had received recently; he had scored full in math and pretty good in other subjects.

I was amazed to learn that. Well, my amazement didn’t end here; the owner told me that he is the sole bread-winner of his family. His parents came from Afghanistan as refugees. His mom died two years and his dad re-married and left him and his other two very little siblings with some distant relatives. The relative is mean and doesn’t look after them, thus, he has to work and feed his siblings. He had come looking for a job last year to this store, when the owner figured his extraordinary skills and intelligence he not only employed him but got him enrolled in a school as well.

I was shocked and felt utmost sympathy for this little boy. He and his siblings, who were abandoned by his own father, didn’t give up, embraced their fate and are struggling with life. A boy of eight has the responsibility to not only look after himself but two little siblings as well. Instead of opting to beg, he works at a store and in addition to this, he goes to school.

Nobody gets everything in life. If you want to be happy, you need to do whatever you have or strive to get what you want. You won’t get things on a silver platter. The second you say I give up, is the moment you become a loser. Trying and struggling give you a satisfaction that at least you’re doing something instead of being bitter and angry.

I’m utterly impressed by this little boy. I also got some much-needed inspiration from him. Look around you; you will get a lot of inspiration from these ordinary yet extraordinary people.