By Iris Storm

To indulge our mind beyond infinity.

 The single word spoke has forced man to think beyond his limits, to work beyond his capacity, to imagine beyond his imagination. It has excite a thirst of discovery in him.

 Due to this keen spirit and strange derive of man to foresee the unknown future, he has discovered a great deal about the 'infinity' world. He has made discoveries which are beyond his wildest imagination and has elevated our world into a new level. H e has in-forced a new spirit in the world.

 No doubt, a man has made plenty of scientific discoveries. He has discovered new galaxy's, new planets, new stars and the search of possible signs of life on other planets is also under process.

 But space is not only about some new scientific discovery. It is not only about discovery of some new galaxy or a new star; but it is the discovery of a new beginning.

 With the discovery of many stars, a new hope is infused in a person. A hope to move on. A hope to achieve anything and glide towards infinity.

Published on April 9, 2016 in Young Nation magazine