KARACHI - The Government of Sindh has in exercise of the powers conferred under Section 144 (6) Cr. PC imposed complete

ban on carry fire arms/ ammunition, lathi/ Danda/ stones/ bricks or rods etc. in District Sanghar on day of by-election in PS-81 Sanghar -IV Sindh held on April 20. The ban will not apply on security forces, law enforcing agencies and security companies, said a statement on Monday. However, police and personnel of other law enforcing agencies like Rangers/ frontier constabulary and all security guards of private security companies would not display any weapons when in civvies/ ordinary dress.

 Further, all permissions issued by the Home Department Sindh to carry weapon in relaxation of ban u/s 144 Cr. PC will remain suspended during the above said ban period to the extent of District Sanghar. The SHOs of concerned police stations are authorized to register the complaints under Section 188 PPC in writing for the violation of Section 144 Cr. PC.

Police replace Rangers at

city’s major universities

In the aftermath of the withdrawal of paratroopers from the prominent universities in Karachi, police have taken entire control of the major universities of Karachi. The universities, where the police have been deployed, include NED University of Engineering and Technology, University of Karachi and Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre of Karachi University.

“The Rangers are there but they have withdrawn security duties and of course, it was necessary to deploy police since the Rangers have withdrawn the security,” said Mobina Town SHO Mairaj Anwar.

“We have deployed nearly half of a dozen police mobile vans, particularly on the entry and exit points of the varsities to avoid any untoward incident.”