According to a press report, the government of PML-N has issued an NOC, allowing former COAS General Raheel Sharif to assume Command of Saudi-led Islamic Military Alliance to fight Terrorism (IMAFT). The pertinent question is that his joining the forces as a Commander in Chief 35 countries in which Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen are not part of. Is it in National Interest of Pakistan? Iran is Pakistan’s permanent neighbour and we have a significant population of Shia Muslims like Iraq having theological difference, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ruled by Saud tribe family installed by British after Second World War and fall of Khalifa of Ottoman dynasty. Saudi is responsible spreading Islamic extremism by funding Seminars where the teaching of Wahhabism which considers all other sects in Islam are not following teachings of pure Islam.

The influence of Saudis royal family is very much on Pakistani generals, Judges and Sharif brothers. They gift those in power to keep their influences. General Musharraf recently disclosed that late King Abdullah considered him a brother and gifted him millions of dollars to purchase properties in London and Dubai. What amount of money they are now going to pay General Raheel and Nawaz Sharif for encouraging him to help Saudi’s even people at large in Pakistan do not want General Raheel to serve Saudi Arabia royal family interest Perhaps money can buy everything in the Land of the Pure.


Lahore, March 29.