Millions of children die in Pakistan because of the deadly disease, pneumonia. According to the GAVI study, the currently available pneumonia vaccine in the country is only 70 percent effective in protecting children from strains of pneumonia and meningitis. Currently, the country is using the PCV-10 vaccine. It is shocking that the more effective vaccine, PCV-13, hasn’t been introduced in the country to date. This particular vaccine has given better results and it is available in several countries. Recently, I attended an event organised to raise awareness regarding pneumonia. The speaker highlighted the lack of research in country because of which doctors are unable to save the lives of the affected. According to the speaker, there was a case of paediatric pneumonia that could have been prevented had the new vaccine, PCV-13, was available in the market. He said that nothing can be said on the effectiveness of the new vaccine because of limited research. 

After attending the event and doing some research on my own, I have concluded that PCV-13 is cost effective solution to this deadly disease. It is hoped that the government will realise that health is something which should be dealt with on top priority. It should do whatever it takes to make the vaccine available in the country so that the precious lives can be saved. 


Karachi, April 2.