The largest Christian community in Lahore is known to be facing numerous problems. Majority of the people in this locality are poor and homeless. Poverty and unavailability of better jobs can lead to many problems and possibly crime, if the situation gets too desperate. While walking in Youhanabad, you may find many people talking about their social issues faced by their community. It is a very sad sight. 

These people do not have enough opportunities to get a proper education. There are no government schools due to which the common people of the community face a lot of problems. Because of their low income and poverty, they cannot afford to pay the fees of a private school. I believe that we should pay more attention to this problem. 

The poor state of cleanliness and sanitation is another issue which needs to be resolved. The roads are not clean as the cleaner has vanished since two months. 

Frequent breakdown of electricity is common, the entire locality is tossed into darkness and power supply is not restored for a long time. Students preparing for examinations can’t focus on their studies. Thieves and dacoits rule the area when it is completely dark. Lack of health facilities has also added to the agonies of the population. Poverty-ridden people cannot afford going to the private hospitals for their treatment. 


Lahore, April 17.