Faizan Warriach

LAHORE - An NGO Wednesday reported 3,445 children were sexually abused in the last year.

Sahil’s report ‘Cruel Number’ said up to nine children were abused daily while 2,077 girls and 1,368 boys were victimised sexually during the last year.

Sixty five children including 36 girls were murdered after sexual assault while 1,039 children were abducted, 467 raped, 366 sodomised, 158 gang raped, 180 gang sodomised.

Moreover, the report also pointed out 143 cases of child marriage and 24 of Vani cases.

It read: “The acquaintances with victims topped the list of perpetrators – of 3,445, 1,421 accused were acquaintances. The age of victims were from 1 to 5 in 169 cases, 6 to 10 year in 640 cases, 11 to 15 year in 961, 16 to 18 year in 351 cases.

“There are 1324 cases in which the age of victim was not mentioned. A sum of 448 children are abused at their homes, 410 at acquaintance’s places, 30 at havelis, 26 at seminaries, 14 at workplaces and 529 at open places including fields, streets etc.”

According to provincial divide, the repot exposed 2,168 cases in Punjab, 933 in Sindh, 139 in Balochistan, 78 in KP, three in GB and 12 in AJK.

In 2017, there are 2505 incidents reported with police while 44 cases unreported.

There are 112 incidents reported in the Punjab capital where 29, children were abducted and 39 reported missing.

The report also stressed the need for awareness campaign and enforcement of law to protect children.