I have observed many book exhibitions and fairs being held in various universities and colleges, but these wouldn’t be able to provide as much benefit as a proper quality library. Libraries play a vital role in embellishing the students, but due to neglect and improper aid, libraries are very few in numbers in Karachi. Not only stressing on the quantity, but even the libraries which exist are of sub-standard.

One of the main reason for my emphasize on rebuilding the diminishing concept of libraries is due to the ease they provide to the readers. Different portions are created for different books so they could be classified into a particular domain which makes it much convenient for the people to grab the books which procure their interest.

For a country that has a long way of development yet to climb, education and ride of literacy rate in the upward row is the only way out for the youth, and libraries surely constituent a significant role in it. I hope that the government takes notice of this dilemma so that the people with high tiding interest can view the stuff to read with utter convenience.


Karachi, March 26.